Best way to get your Twitter follower's feedback? It's the automated DMs!

Understand your audience, and get the most of your Twitter account by learning about automated DMs in this one-stop-shop guide.

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29 Jul, 2022

Welcome Message example

The biggest problem every creator faces on this earth is, “Is my content resonating with my audience? Am I going on the right path?”.

Social Media is a fickle thing because of its algorithm. You can send out 1000s of posts to gather audience feedback, and there’s still a high probability that only 10% of your audience will see your content. Yes, even if you retweet your post ten times a day.

We’re missing out on feedback from a big chunk of our audience every time we send out a tweet. Precious feedback that could help us become better creators.

So why not ask the audience themselves?

I know what you’re thinking, “Are you expecting me to knock on everyone’s door and ask why they follow me?”. Of course not!

That’s why we introduced hivoe to automate your DMs to all your new followers! Apart from saving tons of your time, here are some points to consider:

Most People on Social Media Are Lurkers.

They will see your posts and notice what you’re doing, but you’ll never know about it because they will never come forward. You need to realize…social media still does not have an excellent reputation in the real world.

Often, even extroverts in the real world will not reach out to you online because of a lack of trust. And this personalized, genuine DM that you send surprises them and makes them want to respond most of the time.

Now you’re not this influencer or creator or entrepreneur who exists only in their feed. Now you’re welcoming them into communicating with you through DMs.

And that makes a humungous difference.

A Genuine Dm Is an Excellent Conversation Starter.

The subject of automated DMs has been controversial from time immemorial. When someone brings these two words, automation and DMs, together, it’s like heaven has fallen to earth.

You ever wonder why?

Because DMs like emails are a personal space, and you need to respect it. Your audience does not want you selling them stuff every single time they refresh their messages page.

Crafting an audience-focused, helpful DM when first inviting your followers into your circle has never been more crucial. Ask them about their day, how they found you, or how can you be of help to them.

Remember, people are waiting to be heard. You just need to give them that chance.

Now off you go (after reading this article) to craft your perfect personalized DM using hivoe.

Here’s a perfect example of how a follower became a friend over time. (Photo taken with permission from both users)

Conversations started with a welcome message

Thus, bringing me to my next point.

You Will Probably Go through These Four Scenarios in Your Journey

  1. People will be ultra-sweet and give way to fantastic conversation or feedback.
  2. They’ll stick to one-word or one-line answers. How much ever you try to make it move forward, you won’t be able to move it ahead. Leave them.
  3. They’ll spam you with their links or products, asking you to give immediate detailed feedback. Or asking you to buy basically. Again, ignore them.
  4. They won’t respond at all. Best case scenario!

Now how can you increase the probability of scenario 1️⃣?

By making a fantabulous first impression, of course!

How can you do that? By considering the best practices for DMs below 👇👇

💡 Tip

50% is a good response rate on a typical day. It’s slightly less when your post goes viral and you have a massive influx of followers on a single day.

Also, remember, hivoe already has multiple templates to choose from if your brain feels blank 😉

Conversations started with a welcome message

Choose a welcome message from the templates

Automated Direct Messages Best Practices

The following will ensure that you keep your new followers once they receive your welcome message and not generate a lot of negative feedback.

  • Don’t try to sell new followers anything in your welcome DM. Period.
  • Don’t try to get your new followers to sign up for your mailing list.
  • The most successful direct messages I’ve tried do not have any links. These are seen as more trustworthy and can open the door to further communication.
  • The second most successful direct messages I’ve used are ones that simply link to Twitter threads that my new followers would be interested in. If you know that you have an audience following you for development advice, then your latest thread with 10+ great tips for new developers might be well received.
  • Check your direct messages regularly and respond to them when necessary. This is a huge trust-builder and will lead to more engagement in the future.

One point to consider: Sometimes, you might get a huge influx of followers, thus getting multiple responses. Do not get overwhelmed. Take your time, breath, and start responding individually. No one’s keeping a gun to your head asking you to respond. Try to delete the DMs where you don’t get the response from time to time because they clutter your inbox.

Remember that the person on the other side of the screen is human too. Treat them with respect and care…and slowly, you can make them your super fans.

Over time, they’ll guide you by giving feedback on your work, especially when they see that you’re providing extreme value, are genuine, and trying to help people around you.

hivoe is only meant to supplement and enrich your social media experience. It's not, by any means, meant to replace the most critical part of social media networking, which is the human side of you interacting with your followers. Use it as a first step to ignite the connection to create your own path.


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