How to automate a Twitter Direct Message for new followers

Learn how to use hivoe to set a welcome message.

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03 Apr, 2022

Social media is all about engagement.

But engagement requires a lot of effort and time.

hivoe's mission is to provide you with the right tools to show up yourself, while also remaining productive.


We will send a welcome message to your new followers on your behalf via Twitter DM (Direct Message).

How to Setup a Welcome Message

Log in to hivoe with your Twitter account first.

The first page after you log in is the Welcome Message, otherwise you can navigate to the Welcome Message page by clicking on the Welcome Message button (or by clicking here).

Then you can choose a welcome message template from the list, or write your own and experiment with it.

Welcome Message creation

A DM is sent when someone follows you.

This occurs every hour on a scheduled basis.

Here is the outcome from the user perspective 👇

Welcome Message example

Pros of Using Automated Direct Messages

If done correctly, you can make your new followers feel very welcome and open a good line of communication with them right off the bat.

Additionally, I have discovered some great discoveries about the content I should post through direct messages I send to my audience.

Cons of Using Automated Direct Messages

If done incorrectly, you can put off users who are anti-automated direct messaging.

I have tried out a few variations of direct messages, and unfortunately have had some that did not generate good feedback.

My latest has been all positive though.

Automated Direct Messages Best Practices

The following will ensure that you keep your new followers once they receive your welcome message and not generate a lot of negative feedback.

  • Don’t try to sell new followers anything in your welcome DM. Period.
  • Don’t try to get your new followers to sign up for your mailing list.
  • The most successful direct messages I’ve tried do not come with any links at all. These are seen as more trustworthy and can open the door to further communication.
  • The second most successful direct messages I’ve used are ones that simply link to Twitter threads that my new followers would be interested in. If you know that you have an audience following you for development advice, then your latest thread with 10+ great tips for new deveeloper might be well received.
  • Be sure to check your direct messages regularly and respond to them when necessary. This is a huge trust-builder and will lead to more engagement in the future.

hivoe is meant to supplement and enrich your social media experience. It's not, by any means, meant to replace the most important part of social media networking, which is engaging with your followers and fans on a regular basis.

Happy growth!


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