How to integrate LogSnag using Make

Get notified about new followers, share it with your collaborators, and take action.

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31 Aug, 2022

Get Your Followers into Logsnag

LogSnag is a flexible event tracking tool. It lets you stay on top of your product, be aware of important events and keep an eye on your users.

Data is one of the most important elements to take decisions. Knowing and understanding your audience are the first steps to succeed on the social media platform, to engage with your audience, and potentially find new customers.

Hivoe perfectly integrates with LogSnag, via a mechanisms called webhook.

You need the following:

  • a LogSnag account
  • an Hivoe account with a paid plan
  • a webhook to receive the event from Hivoe

In this guide we will use Make to create the webhook.

Make (former Integromat) is a taks and workflow app, that let you build and automate processes, in a visual and easy way.

Make has a generous free plan, so you can create your webhook without additional costs.

Configure the Automation Scenario

Access to Make and click on Create a new scenario.
Click on the big Plus button, and filter the list on Webhook.
Click on Add and give a name to your webhook, like Hivoe webhook.
Save the URL of the webhook, and click on Run once.

Access to Hivoe go to the section Integrations and create a new one.
In the webhook field, insert the URL that you copied from Make.
Finally, click on Send test event.

Hivoe will call the webhook of Make with a fake event, so that Make knows which data is expected.
Now you can return to Make, where we map the event received from Hivoe, to the request Make performs towards LogSnag.

Go to Make, and add a new element by clicking on the right side of the Webhooks circle.
Filter the list on HTTP, and select Make a request.

These are the values to provide:

  • URL:
  • Method: POST
  • Headers:
    • Name: Authorization
    • Value: Bearer <your_log_snag_token> (e.g. Bearer a4e5c23b0132df2a)
  • Body type: Raw
  • Content type JSON (application/json)
  • Request content:
    "project": "test",
    "channel": "followers",
    "event": "New Twitter Follower",
    "description": "{{1.twitterUserName}} (followers {{1.twitterFollower.followersCount}})",
    "icon": "🐦",
    "notify": true,
    "tags": {
        "name": "{{}}",
        "screen-name": "{{1.twitterFollower.screenName}}"

You can customize event, description, icon, and tags according to your needs.

Customize your event

Read the documentation for the complete event that you receive from Hivoe.

Save the scenario of Make.

If everything has been configured correctly, you'll see a notification in LogSnag like this 🎉

You can create a chart to monitor your trend of new Twitter followers.

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